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Coconut is used virtually all the fruit from the whole coconut or without fiber, to drink its water and eat its flesh or copra.

This Coconut can be eaten fresh or dried; the only difference is the maturity.

When the Coconuts do not meet the characteristics for eating it as fresh fruit, it is used all of it with different purposes, like the tow (or fiber) is used as stuffing for mattresses, for the development of rugs, armchairs, in gardening as a substrate for plants, etc.

Fresh Coconut / White

This is the tender Coconut; it is a young dehusked green Coconut, its flesh is thin and contains approximately one liter of water every coconut, also called "Water Coconut"

High in Vitamin C, helps digestion, circulation beneficial because it reduces blood pressure, used as a gargle to cure sore throat, stimulating the liver and kidney and is widely used in aromatherapy for its benefits equally encouraging.

Current Packaging

  • 24 count plastic or carton boxes
  • 30 count sacks
Fresh Coconut 1 Fresh Coconut 2 Fresh Coconut 3

Coco Seco (Dry)

This coconut is a little more "mature" than the white coconut, its meat is thicker, the amount of water is lower than that of Fresh Coconut, but its outward appearance is light brown.

Current Packaging

  • 24 count plastic boxes
  • 40 count, 30 and 20 count sacks
Coco Dry 1 Coco Dry 2 Coco Dry 3

Easy-open or Pre-cut

This is the previous Coconut – Dry & Brown Coconut - only pre-cut by hand, to make it easier to open and bagged individually and tagged.

Current Packaging

  • 24 count plastic and carton box
EZ Open 1 EZ Open 2 Coco Dry 3